The Rustic Bliss Cakery Story

Hi friends! My name is Ashley and I am the proud owner and lead cake artist here at The Rustic Bliss Cakery.

My story began like most small businesses...I just wasn’t happy with where I was and it forced me to consider other options. I worked my way through a commercial bakery for 4 years when I found the true art of “caking” was completely lost in rapid dessert production. When I saw that I had built a clientele, I said “I really think I can do this”. Soooo off I went into the world of business and ventured off into something I could call my own. And thus The Rustic Bliss Cakery was born in February 2020. 

Being known as an “artsy fartsy” gal (my husbands words ) …. People often ask me why I chose cake as my “medium”. It’s simple! Life’s biggest events and achievements are celebrated through cake. And let’s face it, I love to have a good time! 

I have always dreamt of owning a business doing what I love that would help provide for my family while giving me the flexibility to be the best mama I can be.